Typing Thamil2 in English keyboard is always difficult. Here is the easiest way to do this. The principles are simple:

With these conventions, we can type the text in English (ASCII) and run the conversion program TRANSLAT, edit the output file in WORD, select the whole text and change the font to MYLAIPLAIN and we will have text in nice Thamil2 letters. It is fairly easy to recognize these character definitions than to remember any font's keymap.
About the Program TRANSLAT:
Major problem was that we start with some number of letters and end up with different number of letters (more letters or less letters). At the extreme, four English letters may define just one Thamil2 letter or two English letters may define three Tamil characters.

It may look funny to use Fortran for this purpose, but that is what I know and surprisingly it worked fine.

This program is only for DOS/WINDOWS. For other operating systems, the code may have to be changed.
View the Tamil Letters and how they can be typed in English (page1).
View the Tamil Letters and how they can be typed in English (page2).
Print the Tamil Letters and how they can be typed in English (PDF file; needs PDF reader).

Here is a copy of the MYLAIPLAIN font, towards which the Fortran program is developed. This font was created by Dr. Kalyanasundaram as a personal work. It is free for non-commercial uses. Save the file in any directory you want and simply run MYLAI. Please read the README file after running MYLAI and follow the instructions.
Copy the Self-extractable compressed file.
TRANSLAT.FOR ** Fortran Source.
TRANSLAT.ZIP ** Compressed Executable.
UNZIP.EXE ** Decompressing Program.

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